West Highlands Way: Scotland

Overnight on the Caledonian Sleeper sleeper. form London to the Great open Highland plains.A few years ago we went on a sleeper across the open plains of Mongolia and beyond. This time we departed London mid evening for a tour across the English and Scottish country side.Mostly over night leaving one county behind us and crossing the boarder towns into Scotland. At last we could experience  some fresh air.   Arriving in |fort William to take on one of the smallest mountains in the land- BenNevis just a short 8 hour climb through the scenic wilderness. The wee path starts out in … Continue reading West Highlands Way: Scotland

Eden Project

EDEN PROJECT Eden Project just a short hop from the Devon Country side- by train and bus- part recycle reuse site of a former clay mine- Last time I saw clay pots was in a museum in Italy- so i’m guessing that clay is no longer in fashion- if Australia ever reduces its desire for open cut mine- it could come and see how to regenerate a former pit. As the fast train is a distant country away far from the Devon country side- the train and was the most environmental friendly way to head to Bio-domes to Cromwell. Part … Continue reading Eden Project


A second bank bank holiday in May? Why did the UK need two bank holidays in one month, who knew? Back in the Victorian age, there would have been a entire department that would have been allocated to such knowledge. Now in 2017 :  A perfect way to escape to the country. Some much needed fresh air and rolling green country side. Just over two hours west of London (via a extra full train- GWR) it was time to relax in Plymouth, Devon, UK The train journey criss crosses the West country with such amazing backdrop of the ocean right … Continue reading Plymouth,Devon

Dresden,stollenfest 2016

All aboard – next stop Dresden- From Berlin to Dresden 2hours. Dresden two hours south of Berlin. Christmas at the Dresden HBF_ the main train station. Germany really know how to celebrate Christmas. Dresden was full of people, over the weekend The birth place of the Christmas market. 542 seasons ago. The annual Christmas market at Striezmarkt The selection of food on offer, yes it was that cold- the food hot! 542 Christmas years ago in a town far far away- my second removed great great grand father was baking with his fellow chefs – throughout the year he has … Continue reading Dresden,stollenfest 2016

Banff Autumn 2016

After a short flight from   Heathrow, London, UK  for my buddies across the pond- I often find my self peering out of the jet window at Fanshawe Lake  and wondering what happened to Big Ben, where did it go? After a short break at Calgary airport it as time to crack on for a drive on the other side of the road- what its a Commonwealth Country- firstly its easy on a freeway. Banff is a distance of 144 KMs. Not far . The trip was to discover the Rockies or the Canadian Rockies- Banff town large enough to base … Continue reading Banff Autumn 2016

Sydney Sept 16

Sydney (for my North American Friends its in  Australia) IN a long overdue visit to Sydney to visit family and friends in early September. Missing the hot hot London Summer- however winter in Sydney is usually warm as London summer- slightly colder than UK- I always miss Coffee in Australia- London has come along way Still cant beat a nice café in for taste and style!   After a good rest for a week it was time to catch up with some close mates for breakfast and lunch with a rather nice view of Sydney Harbour at the Hotel Palisade. … Continue reading Sydney Sept 16

Buckingham Palace

From From Buckingham House to Bucking Palace- Back in 1703 slightly before my time- A house in London was acquired for the Duke of Buckingham and went on to become Buckingham Palace in 1837. … On a summer morning it was time to head down the Mall to visit the State rooms at the London resident of HMH Queen Elizabeth II. A few weeks prior Eliz was up north Scotland- due to a change of leaders in the country she was required to return to her house. The state rooms are considered the ‘Public rooms’ to where the ‘Common people’ … Continue reading Buckingham Palace

Warsaw: Science, Citadel & Prisons

Summer long weekend in Warsaw part 2 On a sunny Sunday afternoon in the city of Warsaw around the corner we pumped into “De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium’   One of the world’s famous astronomer’s he was Polish Nicolaus Copernicus theory  revolutionised–the world it challenged the motion that the earth was not at the centre of the universe. Earth rotated daily on its axis, and revolves around the sun and that planets also circled this sun.     IT was a short walk to a quiet area with an original church bell   Nice and peaceful mid afternoon off the main … Continue reading Warsaw: Science, Citadel & Prisons