West Highlands Way: Scotland

Overnight on the Caledonian Sleeper sleeper. form London to the Great open Highland plains.IMG_2604A few years ago we went on a sleeper across the open plains of Mongolia and beyond. This time we departed London mid evening for a tour across the English and Scottish country side.Mostly over night leaving one county behind us and crossing the boarder towns into Scotland. At last we could experience  some fresh air.IMG_2609


    Arriving in |fort William to take on one of the smallest mountains in the land- BenNevis just a short 8 hour climb through the scenic wilderness. IMG_2632

    The wee path starts out in the valley of the sheep and goats IMG_2640

    After a short couple of hours the path thanks to EU money-its still a gentle assent IMG_2650
    Before a little break for some much yellow brick road examination (IMG_2679.JPG The track then almost disappears  into the mountain at this point

    IMG_2678.JPG it was on for the serious mountaineers




    back at the Base – Fort William it was time to gather and take in the scenic location in the town centre.


    Heading back on the train the following morning to take in the west Highlands way

  • Next time:  Bonnie Prince Charles and GlenfinnanIMG_2699 



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