Eden Project





Eden Project just a short hop from the Devon Country side- by train and bus- part recycle reuse site of a former clay mine-

Last time I saw clay pots was in a museum in Italy- so i’m guessing that clay is no longer in fashion- if Australia ever reduces its desire for open cut mine- it could come and see how to regenerate a former pit.


As the fast train is a distant country away far from the Devon country side- the train and was the most environmental friendly way to head to Bio-domes to Cromwell.


Part science project part environmental studies- this place is in a ‘hidden valley’. Opened in 2001 with the strong theme of re-imagined. In fairness Eden Project is part adventure playground, educational facility and botanical all in one place.


Plants from all over the world are the stars in these bio-domes

with a huge selection of plat life from all over the world.


Two  massive bio domes greet the visitor one simulates a rainforest packed full with the worlds largest indoor rainforest- full of platers from South America, Asia and Africa- with coffee, bamboo and bananas all having staring roles.


The temps inside the dome can reach serious heat conditions and high humidity/ at the time of our visit the dome had over 60% humidity and approx 26 degrees. nice and warm!


One of the newer highlight is the canopy rope bridge set at a height of 50 metres above ground this 23 metre rope bridge is not for the faith heated or light headed-




Despite this my strong and stable shoes managed to survive the trip high above the jungle floor and into the cloud forest, mist. Again, the theme here is educational, giving the kinder some inspiration as to de mystifying formation of rain during the half term break on the Sunday morning many kids on the cloud bridge were so excited.



The second bio dome is focused on Mediterranean plants-


Significantly smaller than the Rainforest dome complete with a Med. Cafe terrace where you can sample the locally sourced vegs- straight from the gardens- this area takes up rather large floor space.





The final aspect of the project is the core pavilion which again seemed a little confusing as to exactly the theme was- on the upper floors an educational space with classrooms and restaurants- on the ground floor the exhibit space – overall the entire complex seemed to be the outcome of a committee- lots of spaces for children, part educational space, part green house, part school project. Its worth seeing- if you can find vouchers for it as its rather expensive- spend a few days in Devon or Cromwell as well!




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