A second bank bank holiday in May?

Why did the UK need two bank holidays in one month, who knew?

Back in the Victorian age, there would have been a entire department that would have been allocated to such knowledge. Now in 2017 :  A perfect way to escape to the country.

Some much needed fresh air and rolling green country side.


Just over two hours west of London (via a extra full train- GWR) it was time to relax in Plymouth, Devon, UK

The train journey criss crosses the West country with such amazing backdrop of the ocean right out the window- where the waves are so close can almost feel the spay on your face- so much so that in the recent summer the line actually was swept into the sea following heavy storms!



Britain’s Ocean City-

A once thriving sea side city- is now a city of life and great characters, for half term it was full of colour and activities- we arrived for right in time for the annual Lord Mayor show complete with local dance acts and festivals- even with two mascots that given the threat levels at all time high- they were heavy protected by at least 4 security guards- kids can be cruel- but at the local kids all behaved and well well mannered . The Harbour now has breakwater- to reduce the finishing  and other boaties from the excessive wash-

A few days before arriving into the OCEAN city- I tacked down a theatre company the Barbarian theatre group have a new ‘historical tour’ of the ocean front- history comes to life! Rope walks



The tour is an untold Historical account from the cutting room floor- it  starts from the balcony of the theatre roof looking down to the port: a trio of  fisherman’s wives start their tale of woe and more WOE!  Everyday life was hard being a barbarian wife: at time of depression and starvation- long before food banks- long before smart phones, it was entirely possible to be transported  to the new worlds of Australia, New Zealand and Virginia- just for stealing a loaf of bread- paradise for some and hell for others!

Heading across the River Tamer to Cromwell on the boat that could the Edgcumbe Bell.

All aboard hold watch out for the wash (with Devon behind us!)


Both the Plymouth and Cornwall councils have taken over the former 16th Century Manor House.


Open during the warmer months compete with chameleons and  and other flower in their beds!


Today the park host one of the oldest landscaped gardens in Cornwall with plenty of places to discover over the 205 hectares.


A perfect summer day in England- time to sit back for a picnic and to wonder what the view would have been in 1805.

After discovering the grounds and adventures of amazement and wonderment

it was off to the old pavilion for some theatre follies.


As the sun was way past the yard arm it was beyond time to head

to the first pub in Cornwall offering rather tasty food and local ales


Next time:


What to do when Large bees land in your garden?

The Eden Project.


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