Banff Autumn 2016

After a short flight from   Heathrow, London, UK  for my buddies across the pond- I often find my self peering out of the jet window at Fanshawe Lake  and wondering what happened to Big Ben, where did it go?

After a short break at Calgary airport it as time to crack on for a drive on the other side of the road- what its a Commonwealth Country- firstly its easy on a freeway.

Banff is a distance of 144 KMs. Not far



The trip was to discover the Rockies or the Canadian Rockies-



Banff town large enough to base for a couple of days to discover the Bow Valley Parkway and the famous Lake Louise- the town is a perfect introduction to the Canadian way of life- bike lanes, friendly people and the Coffee is not bad at all!


The town is surrounded by the National Park which at near night fall

can cause some conflict with nature v railways.


Home of the Rocky Mountaineer.


One of the initiatives from the local tourist board is for out of towners pump into red chairs along the route- which Is often the best spot to unwind for the afternoon and enjoy the wildlife-


OH and take some mountain shoes and a warm jacket- autumn is slightly chilly- only slightly !


including this super location at Lake Minnewaka


Back long ago in the age of steam the thought was that to open up the region was to build a railway line. The Canadian Pacific Railway– to bring the well heeled to the valleys and lakes- one of the first places made now infamous was Lake Louise

and in a late afternoon

With the wind whooshing down the mountain-


The first chance to aboard a gondola to the roof of Louise.


In the distance is the lake at the base of the mountain – from this angle you get great sense of the wilderness- as you alight


There is a electric fence warning you not to go past into the forest;late in the day the bears start to roam and in similar fashion they tend to rather enjoy fruits of the forest- especially in the autumn months

With the development of the Canadian Pacific Railway- Grand Hotels were built- just in time for visitors to get a picture before night fall


Grand hotels for the Victorian guest or perhaps Michael Portillo  and his Bradshaw’s.



Next stop: Moraine Lake, Emerald Lake and Icefields Parkway




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