Sydney Sept 16

Sydney (for my North American Friends its in  Australia)

IN a long overdue visit to Sydney to visit family and friends in early September. Missing the hot hot London Summer- however winter in Sydney is usually warm as London summer- slightly colder than UK-

I always miss Coffee in Australia- London has come along way

Still cant beat a nice café in for taste and style!




After a good rest for a week it was time to catch up with some close mates for breakfast and lunch with a rather nice view of Sydney Harbour at the Hotel Palisade.

A Trio of dips with some bread- so fresh and what a good base of mates to celebrate with!


overlooking Barangaroo Reserve below


A former PM- Paul Keating made it his mission to create a headland park on a former container terminal- with multi million dollar views that is a nice nod to the Historical first People of the land-

After a few drinks it was time to head into the Inner west of Camperdown to the Continental Delicatessen- a old style deli- for some more nibbles in the form of some rather tasty cold meats and cheese.




The following morning the sun was out for a special day My sister’s wedding.

The only way to get to Woolwich (NW Sydney) from the city is by Water taxi




Sydney really lights up by the Harbour what a way to view the Opera House and the foreshore!

This day was several years in the making with nothing left to chance- close family and friends on both sides were in attendance for a service with a super view. I hear that they are looking for the new James Bond- Not any more QED!


Marriage Equality has been granted in the UK and Canada .However in OZ for a variety of reasons its still a bridge too far at present.


However for the minute- the Trip to Sydney for my sister’s wedding

The sun was out the sky was fine and it was a rather nice day to leave the city of my birth to head onto Canada and the Rocky Mountains!



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