Buckingham Palace

bpseFrom From Buckingham House to Bucking Palace-

Back in 1703 slightly before my time-
A house in London was acquired for the Duke of Buckingham and went on to become Buckingham Palace in 1837.

On a summer morning it was time to head down the Mall to visit the State rooms at the London resident of HMH Queen Elizabeth II. A few weeks prior Eliz was up north Scotland- due to a change of leaders in the country she was required to return to her house.
The state rooms are considered the ‘Public rooms’ to where the ‘Common people’ who are deemed to be worthy of the Queens Presence-
These rooms are styled in the taste of George IV.
Each room is impressive and the sheer wealth impressive, from period furniture to large chandeliers with treasures from the Royal Collection.


Walking through each room would do nicely as a private residence
The most surprising aspect this year is that due to the HMH’s 90th Birthday
There is special exhibit with some of her outfit that she has worn over her rein including her tours aboard to the far flug Colonial outpost including NZ, Australia and the Pacific Islands- Some of the fashions have since changed over her rule.


After a nice cuppa and a cake over looking the lawns
It was nice to get a short break to relax and take in the peacefulness of it all, here
We were in the middle of Central London
The hustle and bustle just beyond the walls- yet here it was quiet an little oasis.

This was short lived as we ventured into the garden- to witness a match of Royal Tennis on the hidden tennis court just beyond the House- there are a series of gardens all of various themes and even a rather large lake in the middle of the small grass areas- it was as if you were back in ancient times- far away from the city.


Having seen inside a couple of Palaces in Europe and now London over the years- Buckingham Palace is a rare Gem in that it is one of the very few Palaces that is open to the public of a current Monarch and it is very impressive.


From Garden Parties to Royal Life, Buckingham House is very much part of the focal point for major events in the UK and Commonwealth historically over the past 90 years under Queen Elizabeth II, King George VI just prior to the next Royals just as vital to society as Queen Victoria.


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