Warsaw: Science, Citadel & Prisons

Summer long weekend in Warsaw part 2


On a sunny Sunday afternoon in the city of Warsaw around the corner we pumped into “De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium’


One of the world’s famous astronomer’s he was Polish
Nicolaus Copernicus theory  revolutionisedthe world it challenged the motion that the earth was not at the centre of the universe. Earth rotated daily on its axis, and revolves around the sun and that planets also circled this sun.




IT was a short walk to a quiet area with an original church bell



Nice and peaceful mid afternoon off the main streets







The Citadel built under Tsar Nicholas I in 1830, under German rule- the Citadel was utilised as a fortress.

At the river is a massive gate where back in 1863 political prisoners were executed

ie the Executioner gate



It was even more spooky as we seemed to be the only people around- the others were here in spirit!


Quietly observing the history of the Citadel- in memory of the former inmates.

A former military site surrounded by large walls and inside there are at least two museums- the main entrance suggests that it is still a military area- Around to the riverfront is the  Brama Stracen and the  prisoners death alley




The Museum of the 10th Pavilion many outstanding Polish historical people were temporarily housed here including Gustaw Ehrenberg and Stefan Okzeja

Closer to the centre of town is the former Pawiak Prison (now a muzeum)


Very much active in World War II- housing political prisoners

during this period approx 37000 people were shot on site and 60,000 were sent to Treblinka and other places of torture.


Warsaw Modern city with more than great coffee and cakes- a surprising interesting town for at least a long weekend.




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