Warsaw Sunny Summer weekend 16

Sunny Summer weekend in Warsaw, PolandIMG_0265

Directly after BREXIT_ how will the Polish greet tourists from the UK?
it would be an interesting time to go to Warsaw. Throughout the long weekend the People were all happy and welcoming!

The Main High street in the old town

The History of Poland can not be taken without the rest of EU history-


Modern times has lead to businesses thriving from old enemies and friends- that be Germany and more recently the UK.


Under German occupation in 1940 Jewish population was assigned to a self contained walled off ghetto – the area was heavily fortified to ensure that the population was contained within the walls and that no one was able to escape.

Warsaw Ghetto


Fast forward to modern day walking around Warsaw is peaceful and down Chłodna street the bridge from the small Ghetto to the larger Ghetto


Is marked out on the ground complete with markings as to the location of the stairsIMG_0522

Long before hotel chains dominated the Skyline- the markings of the former stairs

and the poles signify the actual height of the Ghetto Bridge.

The Ghetto divide in the foreground in a residential courtyard-


Around the corner this part of the wall was maintained by the wall keeper- who until recently was ensuring history was not forgotten.




Part of the route of the former wallIMG_0427



The extent of the entire Ghetto – prior to WWII Warsaw had approx. 380000 Jewish people – between the establishment of the Ghetto and April 1943 majority of the residents were deported to Treblinka

More information on Treblinka read my blog post on it!

The first station where the residents  sent to the camp- Umschlagplatz




One of the Warsaw uprising memorials



To escape the Midmoring sun – we visited the Museum of the history of the Polish Jews


With an impressive memorial outside it



However inside the history went all the way back to the caveman era- which while impressive and well laid out it was too much to take in-the entire history- nothing missed out it would seem-

I would recommend in the surrounding grounds is a monument to Wily Brandt a former Chancellor to Germany who visited and was so moved he knelt on visiting 7 December 1979


If pressed for time I would recommend a visit to the Warsaw

Uprising Museum.

The Museum has many objects and is worth spending the afternoon there find a quiet spot to mediate and think of the history of Warsaw


– The Museum covers more recent history of the town and in is full of hidden places to discover- downstairs under behind a video wall is the history of life under German occupation- upstairs is a series of tunnels and the period of life under Russian occupation- interesting here hidden at the back of the Russian history is a period café- is it life imitating art – it is a functional café- serving tasty sweets and coffee





Due to recent world events mainly the allied bombings in WWII- majority of Warsaw was in Rubble  and the city in total ruins- the Old town has be rebuilt to reflect the historical centreIMG_0243IMG_0253


Mid Sunday afternoon in sunny Warsaw




Next up

Science, Citadel and Prisons.




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