Polish History that few tourist know about.


Over 100 KMs from Warsaw two hours drive

Hidden away deep in a forest is one place that is not in on the tourist tracks-

Ask people about history of WWII and they will be very much aware of the Concentration Camps- less will be aware of the other type of camp- the purpose built extermination camps- The second largest was hidden away in the Mazovian Forest





In the operation stages of the camp (1942-1943) the entire operation was set up to reduce the actual existence of Treblinka II- the reality.



Upon arrival at the ‘train station’ this was set up to give the perspective that it was another platform on the journey.= Representation of the former train tracks (below)


In some part this was true- the journey for at least 738000 majority Jewish population were no longer.The sick and disabled were sent to the infirmary and disposed of by means of shooting and ended up in the pit –just beyond.

Visiting in the Summer- the site was errie- the route today is the same as it was in 1942- the only difference the railway tracks have gone


In a clearing beyond the former train platform – is a memorial with a central stone with tombstone structures that represent the towns that the people departed from-



The entire filed in the mid-afternoon- with no one about- was almost spooky


When you realise that history of the place is so recent- in a forest – out of sight and out of mind-


In this very spot- thousands of people were sent to the showers due to there Religious views, political views and lifestyle choices



The camp was set up with barracks, kitchens and showers-

In early 1943 as the Allied troops were moving closer and closer to the site

whats left of the site is fields where once buildings stood



The order was given as an attempt to cover up the activities of the camp- to bring the dig up the dead- buried in the many pits- and to create the bodies- in addition to remove every aspect of the very existence of the camp- only some of the foundations remain



Some of the Memorials at the site.



Next Stop: Warsaw

last stop:


Jerusalem & Bethlehem


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